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Through music you can give messages and evoke emotions that otherwise would be difficult to communicate. But music is not just an outlet. Sometimes music becomes a rare opportunity to build a future and escape from what you experienced in the past.

Fresh from the release of his latest song “Hasta Luego”, today we have the pleasure to interview an artist with clear ideas, Kevin, aka LocoDemo, a promising young rapper in the Italian scene.

I started writing songs to vent my anger. I needed to express what I had inside, and music was the perfect way to express my anger.

Introduce briefly yourself (who you are, where you come from, the meaning of “Loco demo”, etc.)

My name is Kevin, I’m from Corropoli, a small town in the province of Teramo. My stage name is Loco Demo and it was not me who came up with this name, but a friend of mine did it, because he had fun creating nicknames. So, this name has no real meaning, it just refers to my surname Nicodemi.

When and how did your career in music begin?

I started writing songs to vent my anger. I needed to express what I had inside, and music was the perfect way to express my anger. Writing and making music made me feel good, and because of that everything changed. I started in 2019 when I uploaded my first song. It was immediately a success, in fact with that song I went on the radio, and that was where my true passion for this job was born.

Music is what I do best. With my music I feel like I have a way to change my life and the lives of those around me.

Were you inspired by other artists?

Not really. I’ve never been inspired by someone in particular. I’ve always followed my taste. But if I had to mention an artist that I have listened to often, I would say Noyz Narcos because I find his music very particular.

What does making music mean to you? Why do you do it?

Music is the most important thing for me right now. I go all in music. With music I want to achieve personal goals, in fact, besides that I love making music because it makes me feel good, now we are working hard to achieve the ultimate goal, that of success. Music is what I do best. With my music I feel like I have a way to change my life and the lives of those around me.

What are the latest projects that have come out and which project are you most proud of? What collaborations have you done in the past?

My last project is called “Hasta Luego”, and it’s a very fresh and outspoken song. However, it’s not just one single project I’m proud of. I'm proud of all my achievements, I’m satisfied with the whole journey I’ve taken. In fact, I have improved and continue to improve every single day, and as a result I’ve created a huge and top-quality music project.

I’ve also collaborated with many artists so far. Among them, the one that stands out the most is the collaboration with Laioung, an established artist at national and international level.

Rap in the last few years has had great success in Italy and around the world. What do you think the reasons are? How do you see the future of this industry both on a national and international level?

My thoughts on this question are both positive and negative. Positive, for the simple fact that in Italy and around the world are constantly emerging new musical genres with various different styles that blend together. Negative instead, because some people sometimes begin to make music to follow a trend, giving a negative image of rap. In doing this, they damage the image of the genre and ruin the work of those who put a big effort into achieving their goals through music. Of course everyone in their life has the right to do what they want. It is not my intention to judge whoever wants to make music or anything else. In fact, I really do appreciate people who make music out of passion and just to follow a trend.

On a national scale, the general level is getting higher and higher. We have excellent well-known artists who are already taking Italian music around the world, making the Italian talent known to a much bigger audience.

Do you have any plans for the near future? If so, tell us about them.

We are working on many projects, but I can’t tell you about them just yet. However, I can tell you that my team and I are working on a single that will be released in September. And this is going to be a real quantum leap for the whole project.

This magazine is called DARE CLAN (“The clan of those who dare”) and this is a question we ask all the people we interview. What is the “daring” aspect of your work? How do you dare when you make music?

It’s a great question! I come from a very small town, and from my experience, everything you do is judged by many people who like to ‘gossip’ instead of just being happy for someone coming from the same place who has the guts to succeed. Not all of them, but most of these people are jealous and simply assume that you'll never make it. So my “daring factor” is to put myself out there and fight against these narrow-minded people. The only things that matter in what I do are my fans, my team and myself. I dare when I speak of what I want in a completely honest and straightforward way.

Listen to Locodemo on his spotify channel.

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