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The world of design is full of prizes and awards assigned to designers and architects who have developed objects which have drawn the attention of design experts, that is to say, other designers or creatives. Among these prizes, in the previous issues, we presented Compasso d’Oro, one of the most famous awards in the field of design.

However, there is also another prestigious acknowledgement that designers can win: the IF DESIGN AWARD.


IF DESIGN AWARD represents excellence in the world of design, it is one of the most aspired awards in the world and attracts many applicants from over 60 countries every year. It promotes and identifies good design. Its aim is to introduce people to the world of design that sometimes seems to be “far” from everyday life and, moreover, it intends to help companies in their strategies. IF AWARD believes in emerging talents, supports them and aims to preserve the role of designers and creatives.

The IF AWARD was founded in 1953 when Germany was trying to overcome the damages inflicted by the Second World War. At that time, an institution was created with the aim of promoting and supporting the “formal design of the industrial products”.

Philip Rosenthal was the entrepreneur who inspired the “Hannover Messegesellschaft”, a trade fair in which business and culture met. Following this concept of mixing together two different fields, IF AWARD was created.

Taking its cue from the Bauhaus philosophy - in which aesthetic and good quality are very important - and its concept of “good form”, IF DESIGN AWARD became a prize and symbol of excellence and good quality.


IONITY is a charging system for electric cars. It is the result of a collaboration between BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche. Its design takes drivers right into the future.

LUMI it a lamp or a computer? That is the question. LUMI 2.0, designed by Compal Experience Design, can be both a desk lamp and a projector. It has more than just one functionality…we can say: two birds with one stone., designed by SK Telecom, is a technology museum which aims to inform visitors about how technology is affecting our society. In this futuristic structure, people can enjoy various interactive experiences.

Balanced is a set of kitchen knives designed by Paul Cohen Design. Their elegant design meets functionality.

Nest Thermostat E is a smart thermostat. You can change the temperature simply by using voice command with your Google Home Assistant.

The BMW Vision iNEXT is an environmentally friendly car, is emission-free and has all the comforts you need.

IF AWARD winning products are the proof that design can be, and is, a part of our everyday lives.

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