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Lourdy Ghorayeb comes from a Lebanese background. She received her BFA degree in Interior Design at the American University in Dubai . She then now joined the field of art consultancy and continues to work on her passion for art, design and fashion in parallel.

Interior designer Lourdy Ghorayeb sitting under her artwork

Where did you grow up? Tell us about the place. What’s your most fond memory of that place ?

I was born in Lebanon and then moved to Dubai at a young age. Lebanon is a very close place to my heart and it inspires me by all means. I was raised in Dubai, and one of my most fond memories of that place is old Dubai creek. This place was the center of Dubai back in the days. I loved seeing the boats, dhows and fishing nets. It’s such a busy area, it represents the culture and authenticity of Dubai. It stayed in my mind and memories until today and therefore, the first collection of my sculptures was inspired by the boats and dhows seen in old Dubai creek, showcasing memories from my childhood.

You moved from Beirut to Dubai. How was the move ? How are the opportunities in Dubai as an artist?

I didn’t struggle with that as I moved to Dubai at a young age.

Interior designer Lourdy Ghorayeb's artworks

You are an interior designer, sculpture artist and print artist. How do you balance between these professions? What is the synergy between them ?

I studied Interior Design and this was the first step of my journey. I thought I figured out my career and I’m going to start my first job as an interior designer, but somehow I ended up joining the field of art consultancy; little did I know I was destined to be in the place where I am today. I didn’t lose my passion for interior design as I’m still close to this field in a way and I believe that art and design complete each other. I’m not into designing spaces anymore but I love designing pieces that can be added into the interior to make people fall in love with the space they’re in. Through art consultancy, I discovered my passion for line art and sculpture design. I just love the simplicity of this style.

Interior designer Lourdy Ghorayeb 's stylized artwork

" I would say my passion triggered me. Drawing and creating brings me happiness and feeds my soul and I aim to continue doing that ".

Let’s go back to the beginning. What was the trigger, which led you to choose being an artist as a profession?

My passion for art and creating led me to choose being an artist as a side profession. My main profession right now is art consultancy but I definitely see myself choosing being an artist as my main profession in the future. In other words I would say my passion triggered me. Drawing and creating brings me happiness and feeds my soul and I aim to continue doing that. I could never commit to a job just because I earn more money, I need to love it and be passionate about it or else I could never succeed in it. Do it with passion or not at all!

Looking at yourself back then, when making this decision, what would be your advice to your younger self?

Follow your heart wherever it takes you and choose to do what you love everyday for the rest of your life.

What is your creative process like ? A lot of artists struggle with their creative process. Is that right about you as well?

I have struggled a lot to figure out my style. I tried so many styles before choosing line art but I felt like once I found my style it just becomes easier. I do admit I get some days where I’m just overwhelmed and I start to doubt my work, but I learned that this is also a part of the creative process, I get days where I’m tired and I can’t create.

Interior designer Lourdy Ghorayeb's stylized drawing

Interior designer Lourdy Ghorayeb's artwork of a vogue magazine

What is a work that you have created you would suggest a person should see? What is special about it?