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What is faster than an expression on the face? It is difficult to answer. Due to this, there is a camera, a passion, and Isabella Sanfilippo. Isabella loves the beauty, the harmony of a sinuous face and a deep gaze. In this celebrative way, fashion closes its circle. We had the chance to know Isabella and her artistic work.

Hi Isabella, when did your passion for photography start?

In high school, I remember I had this little compact that I always carried around and I used to shoot everything with it, then I collected everything into albums that I named music titles, from there I understood that shooting meant a lot more for me. 

The woman seems to be your favourite photographic subject. Why?

I prefer to photograph the woman because I find her more harmonious but in the musical sense of the term or of remarkable aesthetic suggestion. I like to shoot beauty and that is why I love working in the fashion world.

What characteristics must photography have to be considered art?

I believe that art does not have any characteristics with which it can be defined, I’d say more like that a work of art is something you would hang at home without ever getting tired of, and that's the way it should be for photography too.

Is there a school that teaches sensitivity to a photographer?

Surely some schools teach the technique, teachers that urge to give the best and workshops that open your mind, but sensitivity, I mean like "photographic eye", must be trained by constantly observing. Exhibitions, books, but also the right Instagram profiles make the difference.

You have also worked for well-known faces. Tell us about a project that is close to your heart.

Surely shooting well-known faces is a challenge, first of all for the assignment itself but also because many artists already have a strong image of themselves in mind, so if in fashion happens that very often the photographer leads the subject who trusts totally, it takes more time and dedication to establish this kind of relationship with artists. Communication is very important, but also having fun, I remember that for the cover of the song for Sanremo by Francesco Gabbani accompanied by Shipmate we have mounted a giant trampoline and for the whole lunch break we have done only somersaults.

Due to the possibility of the immediate sharing of the image, we have gotten a bit carried the way from the "moment to photograph", there are no moments to photograph.

Photography and fashion. Where do they go together?

I can't imagine fashion without photography, the image is a form of strong communication and fashion must be shown. For me, the photography of fashion is the exaltation of beauty and you never stop needing images Beautiful.

In your opinion, what, if any, are the moments to photograph?

Due to the possibility of the immediate sharing of the image, we have gotten a bit carried the way from the "moment to photograph", there are no moments to photograph. I hate to see a lot of phones at concerts, of course, if there is time a photo runs away but I am the classic photographer who does not photograph, first I live the moment, then I relive it and if it happens again, only then I can be sure I have

Immortalised the moment.

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Interview and Article by

Vivian Di Lorenzo


Isabella Sanfilippo