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Tel Aviv-based Israeli musician and producer is indeed a master of Mashups.

His music is the magic carpet which takes us to different cities and atmospheres.

Music artist Kutiman's album Kutiman cover

Kutiman is the musician responsible for the Thru-You music project, known as "Thru the City" which features mash-up music videos made from footage of amateur and professional musicians found on YouTube. It’s a clever piece of digital remixing and collaboration continuing the traditions of hip-hop sampling culture. The tracks have a range of styles from bass-heavy funk to reggae and soul. He makes us travel on the waves of sounds to some of the coolest cities, atmospheres and cultures of the world. But the ThruYOU sensation is more than a momentary blip on social media’s radar. Watch below to understand it fully. Listen to all the tracks here.

Kutiman also discovered Princess Shaw, an aspiring artist and musician from New Orleans at that time .

In 2009 Kutiman produced Karolina's critically acclaimed full-length album "What Will I Do Now?" which states the power of music on our emotions and lives.

Also the videos are, per se, a meaningful production and projection of a strong creative and well-rooted inspiration which was awarded a number of awards internationally.

All the latest Kutiman Music here on bandcamp

Written by

Riccardo Aimerito


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