Have you ever lived with the constant desire of going elsewhere, anywhere?

To Laura yes. 24 years, from Reggio Emilia. Italy, a photographer who fulfils these desires through photography.

Her pictures represents her diary. She recounts her travels with the click of the camera.

Always a dreamer, she graduated from the Art School. Today Laura works in fashion.

But focusing the camera lens remains her greatest passion.

Her pictures represents her diary. She recounts her travels with the click of the

camera. Her profound expression. Photography has always been part of her life,

perhaps before Laura noticed it. An imagination that goes out of the ordinary. An

almost inconsistent freedom of expression.

Laura's art does not stop at a single colour, a single photographic genre but is open to any source of inspiration: from gloomy evening at the canals, in Milan, the ash of a cigarette, a porthole of the washing machine, a reflection, a narrow street in Naples.

Anything that catches her attention gets locked in her memories through the camera.

Laura is interesting for DARE because she

always looks for an escape route with her

mind and then with her art. Playing with different

and contradicting styles of photography. She

looks back and sees her mom's vintage

analogue photographs that introduced her to

this way of seeing the world.

Soul. Instinct.Emotions.

There are no insignificant photos. There is

beauty, even in ugliness.

Brave, she shows the true part of herself.

Unique with its imperfections.

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Submitted by

Laura Munari

Written by

Vivian di Lorenzo

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