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Reading books about art and artists, he started to create his own first works by cutting and pasting pictures from music magazines to create an image.

Artist Luca marchini and his self illustration

Luca Marchini is a young man from Massa, Tuscany, with a great talent for drawing and a passion for music, art and comics. Luca is a storekeeper in a repair shop and he never studied art but on his Instagram page, LM Gallery, everybody can see dozens of his finished work and also work in progress. He is a self-taught artist, to whom art has always been a way to decompress and feel good.

Luca’s love for art has its roots in his childhood, when he used to draw the characters of the cartoons he watched on the tv. Growing up his interests and subjects have changed but his love for drawing has remained the same.

Luca Marchini's illustration about the blues brothers

Luca Marchini's drawing illustration

Reading books about art and artists, he started to create his own art pieces by cutting and pasting pictures from music magazines to create an image. But soon it wasn’t enough anymore and he started painting directly on plywood or cardboard. His first works are inspired by pop art with its bright colours and marked outlines, and his subjects are still fictional and cartoon-like characters but portraits of celebrities and real people are slowly beginning to appear.

Luca Marchini's artwork illustrating a young Clint Eastwood

It doesn’t take long before Luca starts experimenting with new techniques to find his own. And he finds it by combining the two used before. He starts gluing photos and comics pages onto plywood, draws on cardboard and sticks it on top of it all, then covers all the layers with transparent foil for the glossy effect.

Luca Marchini's pop art in form of portraits of famous characters

His art starts to be seen by others when the owner of the restaurant where Luca used to work as a waiter after high school, leave him in charge of the place and he decides to hang some of his pictures on the walls. Here, Luca notices that people entering the restaurant stop to look at his paintings and seem interested. His works, made only for him, started to get appreciation from others. The customers of the restaurant start asking who the artist is and if it was possible to buy some of the pieces. So Luca starts working on commission.

After half a dozen exhibitions of his art in bars and shops around his city, some of his works appear on television in February 2019.

The second season of Cake Star, a culinary talent show on Real Time in which three pastry shops compete against each other, starts with an episode recorded in Versilia, particularly in Forte dei Marmi. Forte dei Marmi is a city near Massa known for its clubs which are the destination of many personalities, including international ones. The owner of one of the bakeries that participated in the show, Aldo, is passionate about modern art and likes to buy and exhibit works by young artists in his shop, and last February at his walls there were Luca’s pictures.

Luca Marchini's drawing illustrating Jared Leto's Joker

Luca Marchini's finished artwork of Jared Leto's Joker

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