Representing bodies is her obsession.

Adalgisa Pecora, a 25-year-old painter from Palermo, is attending a course at the Academy of Art. Pecora is a reserved person and let her work speaks for itself.

Seizing the opportunity to express through art, to raise eyebrows, to showcase simple imperfections, a bite of lips, is what's important to her.

Sleeping Woman

What makes her interesting to DARE community is the desire to not find half measures but only the excess both in art and in everyday life; she dares to break the mould & to go further. She's a creator.


Her bodies shout tragedy and malaise in a deafening way, kidnapping the viewer who immerses himself and gets caught between the stories in the canvas. The soft lines give the illusion of a plastic sculpture to the viewers and allows them to feel it through a touch.


The artist arises the feeling of uncertainty, terror and illness by creating a hazy effect similar to presence of cloud & fog. These are the elements that she celebrates through her work.

The anonymous figures that she paints become sacred icons with an aura around them, an essential element for Adalgisa, through which she manages to exercise deep energies of her soul. Contrast between dark and blue and green colours. For her, real light.

Her paintings live, breathe and scream with her. They experience emotions of terror and melancholy like the artist herself. Her paintings let themselves be lulled into silence and reflection.

The last element developed by Adalgisa during the academic course is the hair of the protagonists. Hair that is part of the same aura. A foliage that caresses the bodies, which makes them dynamic, from which the light is increasingly propagated.


Woman's Portrait

Written by

Vivian di Lorenzo

Photos by

Artist Adalgisa Pecora

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