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Those who are active on social networks have surely realized that analog mania has broken out. Dusting off old cameras of your parents or grandparents has now become a trend. After the 70s style flares and the glow-in-the-dark jackets of the 90s, not only fashion, but also the photography industry has become the protagonist of a return to the past.

Blurred photos, saturated colors, and grain. High-definition images have given way to a far more interesting representation of reality. Analog shots would seem to be a way to escape from a gray and boring world and create something different and unusual.

Photos by Genaro

There are millions of videos circulating on the web showing young people who, driven by fashion and curiosity, have purchased a disposable camera and a roll of film to capture memorable moments of their lives. It is the uniqueness and sacredness of the gesture that makes analog photography so appealing.

Photo by Daura Campos

How many meaningless photos do we take on a daily basis with our phones? What if we could take just 36 shots? We would definitely give them more value. So, the comeback of the camera roll makes us feel our own existence is real. You have a real artifact in your hand, nothing compared to those countless intangible codes that make up pixels. It is art, life and time that you can touch.

Photo by Emeric GF

Many photographers have now specialized in taking analog shots, experimenting with films and processing and finding their own style. In fact, printing photos allows you to make unusual and eccentric edits, it's not just limited to photoshop.

Photos by Papi

And what if you don't have an old camera? Here are three apps that can reproduce similar effects.

For Dare Clan


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