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Even though the music industry and its artists have largely pivoted to live streams and virtual concerts, in response to large-scale gatherings and festivals being cancelled, it's safe to say that watching Djs play while standing in your empty living room in your pyjamas isn't quite the same as the thrill of late nights on packed dance floors with friends and strangers. Right now, the world is still aching for an IRL dance experience and that's where Production Club gives us hope.

Ad for the Micrashell campaing showing two people wearing futiristic anti virus suits in a club

Production Club, a Los Angeles based creative studio, has designed personal protective suit for clubbing in the time of coronavirus that people could use in clubs and festivals without social distancing. Unveiled as “Micrashell”, the virus-shielded suit, easy to control, fun to wear, disinfect able, fast to deploy (PPE) personal protective equipment includes features for phone integration and beverage and vape consumption.

Concept art for micrashell anti virus suit

According to the Production Club’s website, Micrashell, the studio describes it as “ the future of human interaction”, and will offer #airfiltration and breathing system  based on worldwide standard regulations using #N95 filters, wireless voice communication system based on physical proximity and orientation,  controllable  internal speaker system that allows you to listen to live music in 3 modes, and many more features. People would be able to communicate only with their group, people in your range, or people you accept in your contacts.

The creators wanted the suit to be less “science fiction” and more fashionable and approachable. They took design cues from brands like #nikelab and #ambushdesign, and designers such as #yohjiyamamoto

Production Club is a multidisciplinary studio in the entertainment industry. Usually its work involves creating immersive experiences for the music, tech and gaming industries. They have worked with world-renowned artists such as Martin Garrix, Skrillex, SOPHIE, and former group Jack Ü.

Concept art for micrashell antivirus suit showing smartphone compatibility

Concept art for Micrashell antivirus suit showing the back

This innovative suit is still in development, and the studio is in the process of creating prototypes of the concept-in-house. Crediting the #simple design of the suit, they hope to have the first batch of the suits available for testing in a few months.

The Micrashell was born from concern for the community and mental health. The developers believe the society cant evolve if people are unhappy. People have been physically socialising in a similar way for tens of thousands of years, so the consequence of an abrupt cut in human-to-human interaction for a long period could be catastrophic.

Concept art for micrashell antivirus suit with focus on the mask

Concept art for the micrashell antivirus suit showing the back of the helmet

To find out the technical details and read more about the suit, visit Production Lab website here. ro .

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