Around us the entire world has come to a halt. The world leaders have taken decisions to contain the spread of the virus and people since then have been confined largely to their homes. Many are filling pages with their experiences of living in self-isolation through a pandemic. Their diaries are told in words and pictures and art and music.

Sude Boynikar, a 24-year-old interior designer based in Milan, with a passion for illustrations has found solace in her work. She depicts her isolation period through this relatable mini series with a pinch of humour titled "Quarantine Diaries."

Quarantine Diaries-Different Pj's for every occassion

Quarantine Diaries-Need Company? Get a Plant

Quarantine Diaries-Having conversation with your new friend

Quarantine Diaries-Trying different outfits everyday

Quarantine Diaries-Need a Haircut?

Quarantine Diaries-Need a haircut? Never-mind!

Quarantine Diaries-Spring Season, laying in grass and flowers?

Quarantine Diaries-Spring Time at home

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Submitted by

Sude Boynikar

Artwork by

Sude Boynikar

Written by

Karvishi Agarwal

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