The Colombian designer and illustrator, Sofia Bernal explores through her work themes that are intertwined by the sensitivity to everyday life, feminism, and nature.

Four years ago, while studying industrial design in her hometown, Bucaramanga (Colombia), Sofia started exploring the world of illustration. She started working with watercolours and drawing detailed European style buildings, animals, and fruits. She fell in love with the 2D world by exploring different techniques such as pattern making, collage, and digital illustration. She found her true passion.

In this new path as an illustrator, Sofia has collaborated with important local brands such as Steve Roi, by designing textile patterns for their sneakers collections and renowned national musicians, in which she had the chance to develop the graphic elements for their upcoming albums.

In June 2019 she launched her first solo exhibition: SALVAJE (Wild). Where, through an experimental process of techniques, she captured the chaos of the relationship of human beings with nature and the feelings, generally violent and disorderly, of a contemporary society regarding their environment and their peers.

“The people who have followed my work in these years have realised that what I use the most is watercolour. With this exhibition what I did was experimenting with new techniques”.

Sofia’s upcoming plans are related to joining fashion and Illustration. She will start developing textiles using a similar style, technique, and color palette she used in Salvaje.

We are really looking forward to discovering more about Sofia’s new outputs.

Sofia bernal's graphic work

Submitted by

Sofia Bernal

Translated and Edited by

Eddy Arguello

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