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Sebastian Brajkovic is an artist and a designer from Netherland. With his works he

tries to describe every form of movement: he thinks that chairs have an anthropomorphic element that represents the idea of movement. The search of movement and then the representation of this movement with furniture is what

makes Sebastian Brajkovic’s work so original, unique and out of the box.


Tell me about you, who are you? What is your background?

I was born in Amsterdam in September 1975. My mother is half Indonesian and half

Dutch, and my dad is half Croatian and half Italian. I’ve studied cabinet making, industrial design and philosophy. I tried to enter an art school, but during the second round (they told me to do something practical first, hence the four years of cabinet making) . After which I got enrolled in the course of design at Design Academy, Eindhovan. Milan has a special place in my heart because of the Salone del Mobile.

What does your work consist of?

The starting point of my work is to search of a literal form of movement. I try to

describe it in many ways but always through furniture and especially chairs. For me

there is an anthropomorphic element in the chair that collides well with the idea of

movement. I see in a chair a body strong enough to hold a body, a non coincidental

parallel type of anatomy.

How was born the idea of making “distorted furniture”?

Out of nowhere, I started doing this thing in second year of design school. I kept

on doing it and a story of it unveils ever since, becoming more solid year by year.

“Everything that seems normal but deserves to be highlighted is a source of inspiration”

'Taotie Woman'

Cerebral Embroidery