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Daniele aka Sheffer, is a young singer songwriter and he is also an old acquaintance of ours. Actually he published a single entitled “Pendant” , followed by another new song: “Caldo & Freddo”. What is it about?

Hi Sheffer! You have recently published a new song entitled “Caldo & Freddo”, comparing it to your previous single “Pendant”, how would you describe it?

“Pendant” was like an appetiser while “Caldo & Freddo” is the main course. Talking about sonorities, the two songs are similar they only differ for the themes they are about.

How “Caldo & Freddo” was born?

“Caldo & Freddo” was born from a bass line I was thinking about and it was the starting point to construct the whole production, even with the help of Gabriel, my guitarist.

Funky and pop sonorities are present also in this song, as in “Pendant”, would you consider them as a sort of trademark?

No, I would not. I like to experiment different genres because I think that fossilise in something that at the moment works, is a little bit limiting and lazy.

The song is rhythmic and dogged but listening at it carefully, it is evident a desire of getting away, is it correct?

Yes, sure. After living many months in the city between the confusion and everything, you need some rest away from people. I often want to isolate and stay in contact with nature: I think there is nothing more beautiful and peaceful.

In the song you talk about “non-existent field”. In your opinion how important is to switch off social media?

If it were not for my manager who suggests me to use these social platforms, I would switch them off more frequently. I believe that social media are important but they ruin many things, too.

“I often want to isolate and stay in contact with nature”

As in “Pendant”, also in “Caldo & Freddo” you mention a girl and you do it after saying “Sono caldo e freddo tipo quando c’hai la febbre”, so we can say that also in this song the feminine character is not giving you a sense of stability. Are the two passages in the song linked?

Actually I wrote the chorus pretty quickly and for this reason I didn’t take too much attention on words, but in the song I refer to a girl using this expression “t’intoni col mondo pelle un po’ scura e I tuoi occhi verdi”. The feminine characters are often present in my songs because actually often I use to lose my mind for one of them.

If you had to suggest to people to listen to your song “Caldo & Freddo” what would you say to them?

Put yourselves at the centre of a huge green space, blast “Caldo & Freddo” and dance with the wind. Funny, right?

"I think that fossilise in something that at the moment works, is a little bit limiting and lazy"

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Images provided by: Sheffer and Rosa Bulfaro


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