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Do you know when in the morning you put on your mascara, some foundation, blush and even lipstick?

Well, forget all that: soon you'll discover a new way to do your makeup. What you'll need is fruit, pieces of metal, leaves and anything else you can find.

Hello Anna, welcome to DARE CLAN! How are you doing?

I'm really curious to get to know you, would you tell me something about yourself? What is your background? How did you understand that makeup was your path?

Hello! Thank you for this opportunity! I’m fine and I feel inspired.

I tried many different things before I clearly understood what I wanted to do. I even got a Master’s Degree in sociology, but I was so bored that I gave up on the idea. I changed several jobs and felt completely useless and empty.

When I was a child, I drew a lot, also on my face. I watched my mom put on eyeliner and lipstick and ever since then I began to train at home. When I was 8 years old, a neighbor gave me an eyeshadow palette. It was pure delight! А few years ago I completed the basic courses for makeup artists. At the same time, I practiced photography and retouching.

A year ago, my blog was born and, during the stage of its creation, I clearly realized that it wouldn’t be about classic makeup.

Also, things on the verge between beautiful and ugly are close to my heart. I mixed it all into one experiment.

‘Sugaronyoursouls’ is your Instagram name. From this our readers can already get a sense of what you do, or at least be intrigued by it. What led to the idea of creating makeup without using standard techniques?

My Instagram name is made up of words from a song, which I heard when I was creating my blog.

At the beginning, I didn’t attach any importance to it, but later this name acquired a slightly sarcastic meaning, because my work is often confusing.

Some people think that avant-garde, experimental or 3D makeup come to us from high fashion. But it started much earlier, with our ancestors, for whom makeup and piercing were not only decorations, but also a symbol of belonging to a group, of their role, of protection.

I was guided by my own intuition, observation, personal desire to prove myself and from the “ugly makeup revolution”.

What materials do you generally use and how long does it take to create the full artwork?

I use a basic set of cosmetics, greasepaint, face painting, eyelash glue and special plastic for the face. I often find objects for my looks literally in the trash and under my feet. For example, vine branches, wires, plastic packages, withered plants, fruit from trees, old newspapers, paper from gift boxes, fishing hooks, expired face masks, etc.

You live in such a big city as Moscow, does it help you create in a more avant-garde perspective?

I have nothing to compare it with, but I see that the interest towards experimental makeup coming from Russian and foreign brands and magazines is pretty much the same. Also, here I meet a lot of creative people with progressive views and nonlinear thinking.

Have you ever thought about going out with avant-garde makeup like one of these?

It would be a really interesting experience. Maybe one day I’ll go out with my 3D eyeliner. Anyway, I already showed up (literally) at online parties with unusual makeup.

Your passion is so strong that it led you to create a community of international artists, @messymakeupcommunity. How does it work? Do you do collaborations?

I created this community together with my warrior friend @Anna Meder from St. Petersburg. We call it ‘our baby’. At the very beginning, we realized that it is really difficult for young, emerging artists like us to get into a magazine or a large community, especially when you are doing experimental makeup. Our main goal is to support people who are different. We try to see not only the images, but also the people behind them. So, we ask artists to tag us in their work and we gladly publish those who want to be seen. We also look for new faces and communicate with them.

What’s been your biggest achievement as an artist so far?

The greatest achievement is that I have found something for myself that makes me feel such strong emotions and that every day people say that I inspire them and blow up their minds. Not so long ago, I began to share my sense of beauty and now I found like-minded people. This is absolutely priceless.

Do you apply this kind of makeup on yourself too or only on other people?

I mostly do it on myself. I also did it on others, but at some point I realized that I wanted to experiment more with my face, as it gives me more freedom.

Is your avant-garde art limited to makeup or does it extend to other areas as well?

A month ago, I made some accessories for a famous magazine. I also took part in the filming of an arthouse film as an actress and co-producer. Right now I’m in the process of creating a piece of furniture or object from a cast of my friend's head.

Now let’s talk about the ‘dare’ concept. What is your idea of ‘daring’?

First of all, it is the need to try something new, without fear of what others might think of you.

Secondly, it is the desire to prove yourself and at the same time have the right to make mistakes. Finally, you need to forget about shame and let your fantasies free.

For @Anna and @messymakeupcommunity fantasy has no limits.

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