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Kevin Champeny is an artist who realizes very original works. Mosaic is the right world to identify his creations: really processed and unique pieces which differ themselves from every other work. All of Kevin’s work requires from three months to one year to be completed but the result is really worth.

Kevin Champeny mosaic

Tell me something about you. Who are you? What is your background?

My name is Kevin Champeny. I started drawing before I could speak. Every job I’ve

ever had has been closely related to art but always in the background. About three

years ago, while working in the aerospace industry, my business partner

discovered me and my work and convinced me to do this full time.

How was the idea of making such incredible and unique work born?

I was looking for a way to combine my love of drawing, painting and sculpture.

Mosaics gave me a way to that.

“I am always adding ideas and creating new pieces"

Kevin Champeny Art

Kevin Champeny art

How long does it take to realize one of your works? Because there are many elements put together in one artwork.

Each piece can take about 3 months to a year to complete.

What kind of technique do you use when you realize your paintings?

I use images from around me as inspiration and juxtapose them with many things

that happen around us everyday. I then sketch, paint or photograph the images I

want to work with, sculpt masters, mold them, cast thousands of hand dyed

pieces and then hand Place them to create the final work.

“I was looking for a way to combine my love of drawing, painting and sculpture and mosaics gave me a way to do that”

Kevin Champeny mosaic

Kevin Champeny apple mosaic

I think your “trademark” is your style itself. What do you think is necessary to be original and out of the box?

A strong willingness to fail and learn from that failure to be the best that you can


What kind of materials do you use to realize the paintings? The materials you use for the small pieces are different from one work to another?

I try to use very recognizable images to create, images that hold special meaning

for people. Then I hand sculpt every single piece that is to be used in the final

artwork. Everything is cast in urethane resin and cast in color, not painted.

“A strong willingness to fail and learn from that failure to be the best that you can be”

Kevin Champeny Donald trump mosaic

Kevin Champeny mosaic

Kevin Champeny mosaic

What does the process of creation consist of?

It starts with an idea, then I paint or draw the large image. Then many weeks are

spent on sculpting all the tiny pieces used in the mosaic. I make molds then hand

cast all of the pieces in color. After I make thousands of tiny castings, I then hand

glue each one individually to create the final sculpture.

What is your best achievement ?

Being able to make art as a living has been the greatest achievement so far.

How do you choose the subjects for your work?

I have been creating a list of pieces that I want to create for many years. I am

always adding ideas and creating new pieces from it.

Kevin Champeny mosaic

Which work took the most time to create?

“Healer” an image of Christ made from pain killers was an idea that I had many

years ago and was able to create in the last 3 years. “Heal Me” was a custom and

much larger version of the same idea and has over 80,000 hand cast pills to create

it. It took me many months to create.

Follow Kevin and his work on instagram.

Article by

Sara Orlandini

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