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In the world of music, the Trap genre is on the rise. Trap is a style practiced by many young people, but in particular some of them stand out for their talent and uniqueness. Among the emerging artists, Tommy represents a fresh and original source of this genre, and promises even more for the future.

I always did Trap even when I wasn't a Trapper. Even before I produced music, I already had the Trap artist's way of doing things.

Tell us briefly who you are, where you come from, what you do in life.

I'm Tommaso Junior Morlino, but everyone calls me Tommy. I come from Naples, more

precisely from the Vomero district. Since I was a child I had a passion for every form of communicative and visual art such as poetry, theatre, literature; in particular from the literature was born the desire to express myself through art as well. I started relatively late, at the age of 20, when my first official song came out.

How did you enter the world of music? Are there any particular events in your life that pushed you into the world of music?

Let's say my entry into this world is a result of the lifestyle I was following. As my colleagues say, I always did Trap even when I wasn't a Trapper. Even before I produced music, I already had the Trap artist's way of doing things.

In my life I have had several events that today make me think I was predestined to this life and to produce music. On my journey I always met new people who have stimulated me to give the best of myself, and thanks to them I decided to chase this dream.

I think I differentiate myself from others because of my versatility.

Is there a track or a singer who influenced you to become an artist? Is there a musical genre with which you identify yourself more? And, in your opinion, what do you think are the tracks or artists that have shaped the music of today?

I've always loved the international scene, and certainly foreign artists like Young Thug, Asap Rocky, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott have influenced my approach to the genre a lot. In my opinion, today they are the pioneers, the icons that have influenced the Trap genre more than any other artist in the world.

How do you differentiate yourself from others? What is the aspect that most characterizes you as a singer?

I think I differentiate myself from others because of my versatility. In fact, I alternate songs that are extremely melodic, with raw and strong trap bars, and this is not for everyone.

What is the most difficult challenge you have faced in your life?

Surely the most difficult challenge was to grow up without a father, who could have been a reference point during my life.

Among your past projects, which is the one you are the most proud of? And what projects do you have in store for the future?

I'll tell you, among my past projects, I'm very proud of “Jordan 1”, my first official single. I'm also very proud of the two independent collaborations with Nicola Siciliano. Now the things have changed, now that I have found a Producer like Alessandro, known as Sedd, I am over the moon about the progress my music has made, I owe a lot of my success to him. For the future I can tell you that September will be a lit month, as the new album is well underway.

In recent years, also thanks to the advent of technology, music is accessible to more and more people. In your opinion, is this a positive factor, in the sense that artists have much bigger audiences than in the past, or is it a negative factor, since the music world is now accessible also to those who do not appreciate its value?

From my point of view there are more negative sides than positive ones, because a lot of young people now tend to imitate without putting effort, without looking at the details, especially here, in Italy, where ideas are few. I give a lot of importance to the individual, and I strongly believe that only starting from yourself you can create something different and original.

This is a question we always include. The magazine is entitled 'DARE CLAN', that means "The clan of people who dares". What is your 'daring factor'? How do you dare when you produce music?

I dare to put my soul into the songs I compose. As I said before, I start from myself, putting every drop of energy into it, trying to create something that hasn't been heard yet.

Listen to Young Tommy on his spotify channel.

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