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Muhammed Gad is a young digital artist from Egypt, who creates original works by combining famous paintings with iconic characters of some of the most popular movies in the history of cinema. “Scarface”, “Pulp Fiction”, “American Psycho” and Van Gogh and Klimt.

Broken Mia

Tell us something about you. Who are you? What is your background?

First of all, I just wanna say thank you for taking the time and making an interview

with me.. I'm honored to be featured in your magazine. My name is Muhammed Gad, I'm based in Egypt and I'm 25. Well, I have been working on Photoshop for like 10 years.. I started it as a hobby but now it's my life.

Your work is really interesting, you mix different elements. Can you tell us something about your process?

Thank you so much. I have actually been a movie fan for so long and that is how

it all started. I have always been also a huge fan of art so I just got the idea of

mixing them together which seemed so unique to me and people loved it.

“Art is life”

Jokers in a subway

Her meets lost in translation

There are many popular movie characters in your work. How do you select them? Do they belong to movies that inspired you?

As I mentioned before, I'm a huge movie fan and the characters you see in my art

are quite my favourite and also take my fans opinions sometimes.

Are the movie characters and the artists who painted the original paints correlated in some way? Because for example the protagonists of “Shutter Island” are represented as “The Kiss” by Klimt so as something melancholy or even sad.

Yeah, there are scenes in movies where the directors are inspired by paintings as

you mentioned. Also "Her" and "Lost in translation" the directors of both these

movies were once married and "Lost in translation" was made to represent their

marriage and how he always had to work leaving her alone in different countries. I

read that "her" was meant to represent what it was like for Jones after he and

Sofia Coppola divorced so I combined them together and made "Theodore" and

"Samantha" met because it felt iconic.

I'm just glad that my art makes people happy and that's what important to me

Fight club and the starry night

Shutter island meets the kiss

Mia and starry night

How was the idea of mixing these elements to create these original paintings born?

Well, the idea of mixing these elements together came to me first when I was

watching a movie and I thought it would be cool to add the “Starry night” by Van

Gogh to it! It all started there. I started mixing a lot of old paintings with movies.

Which seemed unique to me.

I think art is experimentation and a never ending research to find something new. How did you find your own style?

I have so many different styles but as I mentioned before, I found my own style by

combining the things I love together. For example my saints is an original idea of

mine, I always try to create something new because people love the result.

I found my own style by combining the things I love together

The creation of tarantino

Forbidding love

In another universe we're together

In your opinion what is the secret (if there is one) to be original and never like the others?

There is no secret. I'm just glad that my art makes people happy and that's what

important to me.

Do you have a favorite work in your collection?

Yes! My favourite works are: “Saint Thomas Shelby”, “Saint Joker”, “Forbidding Love”,

“Saint Keanu Reeves”, “The Creation of Tarantino”, “Mia Wallace Addicted to Art

(starrynight) and “Lost in Translation Meets Her”.

If you had to describe what art is in a few words, what would you say?

Art is life.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

-Vincent Willem Van Gogh

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Article by

Sara Orlandini

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