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The_ Imaginist_ is Giulia Bragaglia, an Italian girl from Rome, who loves drawing Walt Disney’s characters. We had the pleasure to talk with Giulia about her creative world.

Valeria Angione

Hi Giulia, welcome to Dare Clan community! As first question, I would like to ask you to introduce yourself.

Hello! I am an illustrator, but this definition is quite vague because there are many different fields in which you can work in the world of illustration: I create products with my illustrations that I sell in an online store. I create customized drawings and from this year I started illustrating children's books.

The passion for drawing has always been there, since I was very young, but only when I started working after university (I graduated in speech therapy), I begin to believe I could do a job with it. And while I was working as a speech therapist, I enrolled in the Roman School of Comics in Rome. But it was then 4 years before it really became my job.

Your Instagram page is called The_Imaginist. Why did you choose this name?

The name “the imaginist” was really simple to choose: I wanted a name that made you "dream", that made you think of fantasy, creation, imagination. I knew that the imaginers were the "engineers of the imagination", who worked for Walt Disney. And since Uncle Walt, or rather his feature films, are the reason why I started drawing as a child, it seemed like a good choice: I took the part of the engineers and created The_imaginist.

Rossella Migliaccio


What do you prefer to draw and why?

Absolutely I prefer to draw female figures of all kinds: I love to draw them with sinuous lines, or very round, or fine and linear. With short hair or long and fluttering hair. I think the female body is beautiful, so I never get tired of drawing it.

I wanted a name that made you "dream", that made you think of fantasy, creation, imagination.

How did you let people know about your business in the beginning?