“My illustrations represent surreal moments of daily life characterised with a strong sense of static and nostalgic lack of communication”.

without title, 2020

Born in Sassari, Sardinia (Italy), the 28-year-old illustrator studied graphic arts in the Academy of Fine Arts Mario Sironi and currently studies Visual cultures and curatorial practices at the Academy of Fine arts of Brera in Milan. Carlotta’s digital illustrations are a mixture of daily life and surrealism. In this existential paralysis, it is the unspoken things that make the difference.

Many of her inspirations come also from cinema as in the case of the illustration "The Eclipse" which is inspired by the homonymous film by Michelangelo Antonioni in which the existence of the two protagonists is almost stagnant.

The eclipse, 2020

In most of her work, Carlotta leaves small but not explicit traces of movie scenes that have been important during her education and have fuelled her imagination. Other illustrations are also literal references, such as "Behemoth" inspired by the book The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov.

Behemoth, 2020

Carlotta alternates oppression and lightness in a search that aims to explore what our limits are.

without title, 2020

“In my illustrations, the female figure has crucial importance. It is often unfinished or altered and does not always show its face. Unfinished and self-seeking go hand in hand as a continuous evolution”.

Mare, 2020

Ursula, 2020

Submitted by

Carlotta Mura

Translated and Edited by

Eddy Arguello

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