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Dripping colors, the smell of fresh paint, brushes and street noise. This is Jessica Luce Puleo's world. Born in 1991. She graduated in Graphic Design at the Academy of Arts. From Palermo to Milan, to chase her dream of becoming an Art Director.

Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo ready to spray paint and her artwork behind her

Jessica has an expressive need in her DNA, and growing up it was essential for her to leave a mark in the world. Ever since she was a child, she marked her school desk with letters of all shapes and sizes. Ghetto blaster, hip-hop music, and graffiti have been her first love.

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo working on one of her wallpaints

Now she wanted to realise her dream and transform her passion into a job. A strange encounter. Shaking hands with a new discipline, innate for her, calligraphy and lettering. Art, at that time little known, meticulous, made of concentric geometries, circular circles that become smaller and smaller. After graduation, with a final thesis about the hand lettering related to hip-hop world and its merchandising as music CD, Jessica stands out among the clubs and shops of her hometown who wish to dress their business with her art.

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo's design on t-shirts

Jessica is interesting match for the DARE community because she returns to the craftsmanship, handmade in a completely innovative way. She manages to give a vital force to her work. Perhaps too self-critical always wanting to go further. It works.

The wall replaces the sheet when she enters the Palermo street artists register, so she has the possibility of painting walls established by the city municipality. Here she approaches something totally new. Her commitment, determination and love binds to the "calligraffito".

She holds one close to her heart. The calligraffito created in a bus stop:

"Love is my waiting room"

Imagining that each time her artistic imprint kept company with those who waited for the bus. Jessica is not afraid to dare, she is not afraid to leap into the void, she has a strong attitude, a strong ambition and does not want to give up, even when everything seems dark. She communicates through colors & brushes. Her art is free, and has no boundaries; it travels between the sheet, the concrete and even the fabric.

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo working on one of her graffiti work

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo working on one of her artworks

Jessica's latest challenges was street wear. The artist applied her art in fashion for a capsule collection in collaboration with Yankee shop. Jessica was selected to be part of Dolly Noire's Talent Academy to improve the brand image of the Milanese brand.

She keeps feeding her creativity day by day because of it. We can't wait to get to know the next one.

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo with a paint brush in her hand and one of his graffiti work behind

 Street artist Jessica Luce Puleo with mask and her finished wall painitng behindloves and her finished

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