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Lucky are those who can find their identity immersed in nature. Samer has a strong connection with the environment that surrounds him. He defines himself as an outdoor creature, with a natural attraction for the environment, with the sense of well-being that one feels lying on the plain, enjoying only the silence and getting away from the noise of the city. A therapy for our mind. Samer manages to reflect this harmony in his career as a designer. In nature and design, everything is perfectly ordered and organized, with attention to the smallest detail starting from the small atom. Samer has a great respect for nature, so much that he created Froz, a design project that testifies to his love for the environment.

"We are wired to seek comfort. Even when we know in our hearts that our current situation is not the best for us, it still feels safer than the unknown that lies beyond. "

Who is Samer?

A free spirit in the open air who’s always looking for new adventures, be they physical, spiritual or educational, whether from the comfort of his bedroom or from the wildest corners of the world.

As a Baha’i, I try to center all aspects of my life on serving humanity, from the smallest random acts of kindness to initiating community service projects and environmental initiatives. I’m vegan, passionate about music and eager to learn to play a new musical instrument every now and then. I love to constantly explore new outdoor hobbies, and spend the rest of my spare time sketching or watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Your passion for nature takes you in the midst of fantastic landscapes. What does man find in nature that he cannot find in other places?

You know that moment when you look back on your life and reflect on where you are now and where you want to go? It was then that I realized that there’s a lot to learn in this life, and that I’m missing out something, so I took an oath to discover new places every weekend. Fortunately, I live in such a beautiful country called Lebanon, full of hidden gems, and I have a twin brother and a best friend who are always up for new adventures.

Every person you meet, every tree you pass by, every animal you encounter teaches you something, tells you a story. The universe holds insightful journeys that a thousand books or online courses can’t teach you.

Nature is God’s Will and is its expression in and through the contingent world.- Bahá’u’lláh

Do you know the saying that life starts outside your comfort zone? Well, it is true, we are wired to seek comfort. Even when we know in our hearts that our current situation is not the best for us, it still feels safer than the unknown that lies beyond. Allowing our fears to be in control costs us opportunities and growth. So ask yourself, who would you like to be, a risk taker or a comfort seeker?

Do you live to travel or travel to live?

I think traveling itself is the greatest journey. It brings forth adventure and the urge to feel alive. When we travel, we break our daily habits, explore new cultures and feel inspired to see the world anew. This heightened sense of awareness teaches a lot and makes us appreciate the small things in life that we usually take for granted. It permanently influences our perspective on life. Eventually, you will see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors.

Allow yourself to get lost a little, plan less and lose the sense of urgency, you will end up living a great adventure and probably no longer want to return to your old habits.

You have a second interest, design. When did you realize you wanted to do this in your life?

I grew up in a family who appreciated art. My dad is a painter. My brother and I grew up watching him draw and paint patiently for hours, he used to challenge us with pictures to draw. So when I graduated, I decided to combine my love for art with the fast-growing digital world we live in, and made up my mind on UI/UX design. What I love most about my job is that it’s constantly evolving. Everyday there’s a new trend coming up, a new software, a new invention, and I always have to stay on track and up to date.

What do design and nature have in common?

Nature is the most perfect design. If you observe the world around you with your own eyes, you will see that all things - from the smallest invisible atom to the largest globes of the world, such as the sun - are perfectly organized, both as regards their order, their composition, their outward form, or their motion, and that all are subject to one universal law from which they never depart.

In the heart of nature, surrounded by infinite beauty and harmony of intent and form, is where I find my inspiration. I recharge my energy and capture beautiful images for my daydreams during the week.

Froz is a noble project that supports Lebanese sustainable businesses, and you are a part of it. Tell us about it.

Froz is a combination of a social media platform that shares awareness and initiatives in a fun and engaging way, followed by a community-based e-commerce that gives access to many eco-friendly products. My friends and I, known as #Frozbros, founded this social business and it gave me a great opportunity to combine my talent as a designer with my purpose and love for the environment.

Froz’s goal is to shift consumer behavior from being just consumerists to being conscious consumers, making it convenient and engaging for millennials to access and use eco-friendly products.

In a country like Lebanon, what does it mean to be a young designer?

Lebanon is home to some of the most renowned designers in the world, whether in fashion, cinema or art. Currently there’s a growing community of designers in Lebanon, but sadly it’s not as much appreciated as it is worldwide. Designers have a hard time finding job vacancies in Lebanon. Most of them end up traveling to Europe or the Middle East where they can find greater opportunities with higher salaries.

What does DARE mean to you?

At some point in life we're all faced with a tough decision that demands taking high risks.

When you take those risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important. Greatness requires risk.

The act of daring will stretch you and give you self-confidence, and the confidence to do even more. Maybe we're meant to be daring and do things that scare us the most in order to build greatness in ourselves.

To dare is to do the one thing you think you can’t do. This is your moment. Own it. The universe has no limits. We set limits on the universe with our fears and expectations.

Follow Samer on his outdoor journey on instagram and follow the Froz work here.

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