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Moved by passion. Photography: a deep love which was born when she was a child and that she develops day by day with a lot of inspirations and new ideas that lead into original projects. Eleonora Boscolo was born in Venice in 1996 but moved to Milan to follow her dreams.

freelance photographer Eleonora Boscolo

Tell us a little about you. Who are you? What do you do in your life?

Hi everyone! My name is Eleonora Boscolo, I’m a freelance photographer and wannabe filmmaker based in Milan. I’m studying at Naba, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan and I’m reaching my degree in April.

Photography is your passion. Why?

My parents bought a Pentax (a camera) when they discovered that they were expecting a baby because they wanted to catch every little moment of my growth. As time went by my dad developed a passion: photography. So I think that my love for “catching moments” was born when I was a child because of that camera. I started to use it when I was a child. When I attended the primary school, every time we went on a school trip, I used to have with me a disposable camera so I could take a picture of every single thing and then the biggest satisfaction was to develop the film and see the photos I took in one precise moment. My passion grew up with me and when I finally bought my first Reflex I never stopped shooting.

Is there something in your photos you “stole” from somebody else doing what you do?

At the very beginning, Tim Walker has been the photographer who inspired me. I loved the way in which he catches the subjects: he creates magical worlds, everything is like a strange dream, something distorted. I think that every moment of my life is characterized by a different phase. I discover new artists and I “study” the different techniques they use. At the moment I really like Nan Goldin, Ren Hang, Helmut Newton... Only God knows who will be my next favorites.

What kind of subject do you research for your shoots?

Music is my main inspiration, one of the things that mainly influences the way in which I depict my subjects. However every day I find different inspirations: sometimes I am in the mood for street style photos, or someday I want to organize a shooting with a friend. I feel like I’m following a stream of consciousness without having a predetermined plan.

Is there a moment in your professional experience that makes you smile when you think of it?

In 2017 I did a university project which consisted in shooting a few friends of mine in their bedroom in order to show the different intimacy each. I came up to shoot them in their bedrooms because in my opinion are the places better representing a person’s intimacy. I think I have had a professional development in these years so this project does not represent my way to work on a visual level anymore, therefore this draft is no more possible to see publicly, but every time I think of it I remember it with a smile.

Are you working on something at this moment?

I like looking for new artistic inspirations constantly. At the moment I’m working on different upcoming artists’ projects, both on a photographic level and video. As I said before, music is my main inspiration and it leads me to try new techniques.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

My passion for photography is strictly connected to my passion for cinema so in ten years I dream to be in a set as a director of photography, for film directors who I love such as Gaspar Noè or Lanthimos.

You took part in the making of of the video “Rosa Splendore” by the musician “Splendore”. Which role did you have in this project?

The video comes from the artist’s mind, he wrote the whole video. In the making of I worked as

operator with another guy, under the direction of Giovanni Calaudi. I was responsible of the field

concerning the colour correction.

She says: “I loved this project because of the artists’ mood and for the final result. Moreover people who I worked with were fantastic!”

Article by

Sara Orlandini


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