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A lot of colors, some cartoon characters and a pinch of imagination, this is the recipe that Yasemin Arin uses to create her works. She is an artist who likes mixing

and experimenting new combinations adding also nostalgic or dark elements to

give her characters another shape and to make them recognizable.

Ed Edd Eddy scene1

Tell us something about you. What is your background?

I am 26 years old. I was born in Turkey but have lived in the United States for most

of my life mainly in Florida though last year I moved to New York and I love it here

so far. I am currently working at a veterinary clinic, doing a second bachelors and

working on improving my art. The other thing that defines who I am is my dog

Ringo, he is a French bulldog/ Boston terrier and he is my favorite thing on the


What does the process of creation of your works consist in?

I like trying different techniques but the main thing that I have noticed I tend to lean

towards is merging cute and colorful objects or characters and adding a dark twist

to them. Creating unique work is definitely the hardest part, I’m lucky to have very

supportive people in my life that give me ideas and inspiration. It’s hard to explain

because I get inspiration from all kinds of places.

You have a very particular style. How did you get to it?

I feel like I’m still trying to figure out how to make my style work. I like using colors,

and I love cartoons especially the ones from my childhood which I incorporate into

a lot of my work I believe.

“Inspiration comes from the weirdest places”

Trippy astronaut 3

whipped skull

What kind of techniques do you use to realize your works? What are your stock in trade?

I use a lot of different techniques, this is actually a difficulty of mine because I

sometimes struggle with doing one thing at a time. My main form of art at the

moment is digital art where I’m making designs for redbubble, I have made some

work for peoples companies. But I really enjoy painting too, I also do embroidery

and currently I am making a paper mache dog bed. I tend to be all over the place

but I always put peoples requests before my personal projects.

Do you have any particular source of inspiration?

I have a very creative boyfriend that likes to give me ideas like “this would look

cool” and then I add my own twist to it but honestly inspiration comes from the

weirdest places sometimes. If I had to pick an online source I do like Pinterest a lot

for inspiration. I also really like movies and tv and they are great sources of


“I like trying different techniques but the main thing that I have noticed I tend to lean towards is merging cute and colorful objects or characters and adding a dark twist to them”


African American Queen

In your opinion, what is your trade mark, if you have one?

Hmm this is a hard one, I do like to use bright colors a lot. Other than that I like

trying different methods so my work does tend to change a bit. I enjoy

reinterpreting pop culture. I also tend to do more cartoon stuff not any hyper

realistic material.

What do art and design mean to you?

My mom is a very artistic person, so for me art started as a bonding experience

with my mom then it expanded from there. I did lose it for a bit when I was doing

my first bachelors in biology. Then I got back into it mainly as a stress reliever then

I remembered how much fun it is to be able to turn nothing into something. It’s

also the best form of therapy since you get to express your feelings in your work.

Gerald Johanssen

Looking at your Instagram profile I saw that there are many characters belonging to different cartoon. Is there any particular reason why you have chosen them?

I love television and film, the characters I choose are all the ones I’ve watched. I’m

really into the nostalgic theme at the moment, I’ve been rewatching the tv shows

that I watched in my childhood. That is how I got the idea to do Ed, Edd, n Eddy