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The way we do music has changed, transformed and evolved over the years, as well as the way we listen to it.

At the beginning, there was the phonograph, invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison, then the gramophone came, but the real revolution happened in the middle of the century when the vinyl record was born.

Lightweight and distinctive, it is really a symbol of bygone times. It was born in 1948 in the USA and from that moment music became also a kind of hobby because everyone had it at their disposal and could listen to it. However, as we were saying, music has evolved and changed and so vinyl records, amazing but impractical, were substituted by compact discs - CDs if you like - until digital music and streaming platforms came on the scene.

However, people tend to go back to where they felt good and if it is true that everything is circular and a continuous return, here vinyl again! The market of vinyl records is very profitable, there are tons of people who collect them and are always looking for the best or “nowhere to be found” title. That’s why many music shops came back to life: nowadays with digital platforms, physical music (as CDs or vinyl) is not that popular anymore, but vinyl brought that spark of ’80 back again.


All over the Europe, there are many characteristic places which sell vinyl records, for instance in Milan, “Dischivolanti” is one of the best shop. There, you can buy or sell your vinyl records and the best thing is the continuous flow of exchange between music lovers.


Another cool place in Italy where you can find vinyl is the“Welcome to the Jungle - Record Store” in Rome. A beautiful jungle! Actually when people enter it, they feel like they were in paradise: there are discs for all tastes and everyone can find what he is looking for. From pop to rock music, passing through brit pop coming to metal music.


Talking about European metropolis, we have to mention “All Access” in Paris. In this typical shop you can find whatever you want: extremely rare discs that range different music genres. They are specialised in contemporary rock music. Moreover, in the shop there is a concert hall where artists perform. To sum up, this boutique is the temple of music.


“Rough Trade - Brick Lane” in London is another temple of music. A giant shop in which musicians or listeners can find all types of vinyl records, but also turntables and CDs. Also here artists can perform and almost every week there are artists presenting their own music. This shop is so big that you can even get lost in it. Inside there is also a cafe where you can rest between shelves full of vinyl records.


If we mention “rest”, we surely don't refer to Berlin, a city where fun is on the agenda and music is a must. Particularly dance and house music and these two genres, among many others, are what animate the “Hard Wax” shop, an old factory in the district of Kreuzberg. Founded by the German duo Basic Channel Mark Ernestus e Moritz von Oswald, it is a magical Place and people love it. The American musician Keith Fullerton Whitman defines it as the “Warmest vinyl shop in the whole world”.


Even if the weather is not that warm, “Råkk og rålls” in Oslo, will surprise all the music lovers. This place in the Norwegian capital is the perfect spot for collectors to spend hours finding their missing vinyl records. In the shop you can only find second hand products which give that touch of authenticity and make vinyl lovers fall in love.


Last but not least, the Taj Mahal of vinyl is in Prague: the “Bontonland Megastore”. In there you can definitely get lost. There are thousands of discs of all kinds. People and visitors are enthusiastic about this shop because it gathers music of the present and the past and there you have the chance to discover new artists and therefore new music!

For DareClan

Images provided by websites of the stores


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