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Wang Yuchen is a Chinese artist graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, who brings together different aspects of art. In fact, his art includes many representations: paintings, design, moving images and site-specific installations. Yuchen thinks the connection between many elements is really important in his works.

Racing Sun chairs_ (Sun chairs,digital printing PATH studio ss2020 Lookbook,glass,acrylic;50x160x120cm;2019)

“To contemplate what we are and what we will become”

Hello Yuchen, tell us something about yourself. How was your passion for design born?

Maybe it started with sneakers. When I was a kid, I started playing basketball because I saw that basketball shoes looked super cool.

What do you want to communicate with your art?

To contemplate what we are and what we will become.

You create many installations, where do you get inspiration from to create them?

For me personally, installation is a state of reality and a way of expression, which makes it easily accessible to people and open to imagination and association. In many of my works, I try to create a landscape or depict a phenomenon using installation.

run moo-r-oom run project,2019

REGIMEN ENGINEERING ,3standardstoppage,2019,NY 2

Do you have any project you are most proud of? And why?

“Regimen engineering”. I love this project. This project attempted to explore some views and experiences on popular regimen culture from the perspective of Transhumanism, to find future ways of human reinforcement. Although it is still incomplete, I will continue to develop them.

Your works are very original because you create a connection between different elements. In your opinion, why are your works recognizable? What is your “trademark”?

The connection between different elements is important in my works. These elements will be presented in the form of artificial landscapes in which there will be a lot of my personal touch.

“The motivation in my creation comes from the details of life”

REGIMEN ENGINEERING ,3standardstoppage,2019,NY

WIFI-Flower with flag (3d hologram fan,flag,skateboard accessories,artificial fur_80x80x120cm_2020)

Tell us about your project “Dark Running”. Can it be considered as a representation of our society?

This work consists of separately recorded video and audio, to synthesize a sense of running, the process is just like a software.

What role does technology play in your art? And how does it affect our lives?

I am very curious about new technologies, and at the same time I am aware of the difficulty that new emerging technologies entail. So I always try to use very common technologies in my works, trying to find new ways to apply these technologies that have already been widely used.



I think the project titled “Photosensitive Forests” is very deep in its meaning. Would you tell us what message you wanted to give?

The patterns in this work all derive from the silhouettes of naturally falling branches. The work is composed of many fragments on which the silhouettes of the trees are printed. These fragments, seen as a whole, make up a real “forest”. Here too, the approach of the audience will leave some traces of influence. Probably the main message of the artwork is the relationship between the individual and the whole on several different baselines.

Can the “DOUBLE FACE GRAFFITI” project be considered a metaphor for life? I mean, if you look at it from different perspectives, life can take on different meanings as your sculptures do.

The original intention of this work is to explore how humans recognize matter, often defined by one very simple feature. So I have combined different graphic patterns with 3d software, then they generate a relatively complex new object which has multiple recognition perspectives.

dark running

Double face graffiti Entrance(sculpture, 2018.100x100x10cm,Foams , 3D digital cutting

Is there any experience in your life that has affected the way you create your works? I saw you traveled a lot and studied in Italy.

The motivation in my creation comes from the details of life. That is why life experience is important to my artworks. Life in Italy has had a great influence on me in many ways, and it was in Italy that I started my systematic studies in the arts.

“For me personally, installation is a state of reality and a way of expression, which makes it easily accessible to people and open to imagination and association”

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Article by

Riccardo Aimerito & Sara Orlandini

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