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Life within Holzmarkt 25, Schwarzenberg and techno nightlife

Berlin, the city of symbolic murals representing history and political events, is one of the most interesting cities that stand out in the scenario of design and creativity for younger generations like Gen Z and Millenials.

These generations have recently entered the world of work. Their distinctive attitude is given by a strong boost to the contamination of ideas, the continuous search for inspirations, stimuli, and escape from the strict schemes imposed by previous generations.

This is considered the best city for Millennials and Gen Z to live in terms of accommodation, food, transports, openness, gender equality, tolerance, recreation, good quality nightlife. Furthermore, it is the fourth most LGBT friendly country as well as the right place to immerse yourself.

Holzmarkt 25, Schwarzenberg and other famous districts are the manifesto and the result of all those values belonging to the Gen Z and the Millenials, not only from the work point of view, but of an even bigger whole that includes 360° their Lifestyle and Culture. The culture and trend of the Millennials is based on concepts such as sustainability, veganism, second hand clothes and techno music.


Holzmarkt proves to be the right ecosystem for young creatives and designers to develop creativity, projecting themselves into an environment that allows for accelerated growth from a personal, professional and social point of view.

Holzmarkt is a hub for youth culture and alternative lifestyles featuring restaurants, galleries, spaces for yoga classes, kindergartens, and studios. A lot of interesting things happen there...

It presents itself as a creative urban village, designed to become a cross between a co-working space and a recreational space with few wooden houses, called "Eckwerk", designed as another co-working space for artists, students, and start-ups.

...but if during the day it is a creative village to work in, at night it becomes a disco, obviously techno.

Techno music

Techno music should not be considered just a music genre, but a thriving and active community group in the city. This phenomenon derives from the fall of the Berlin Wall with the consequent occupation of abandoned buildings which were then turned into temporary night clubs. Techno has a strong business reputation as well, involving a lot of music projects run by young people and brands behind that.

What is now Berlin’s main reputation took a long time to thrive.

Berlin has become the undisputed capital of techno with many communities and values behind it.

You can find clubs and discotheques related to this style in the Friedrichshain neighbourhood. There you’ll find clubs and pubs of all kinds, it is a very hipster area for young people addicted to this style.

Haus Schwarzenberg

...walking around the city it is impossible not to come across courtyards such as Schwarzenberg House, the weirdest and coolest courtyard in Berlin to experience the diversity that characterizes this city. Café Cinema is the best meeting point to meet artists, musicians and bohemians.

This area is completely covered with amazing graffiti, it turns out to be the perfect canvas for all street artists of the city.

One of them is Meira-pze, pictured in this amazing photo by Stephenpicturesberlin.

“I moved to Berlin many years ago. 8 years here and I found a way to turn a hobby into a living and my other hobby is in pictures... said Stephen.

This underlines once again the fact that Berlin is not only a place of contamination and inspiration, but also a place full of possibilities and where it is easy to find a way for self-expression.

Graffiti realized by Meira-pze and photographed by Stephenpicturesberlin


Recently, with the COVID-19 situation, some of the clubs have been reborn in the form of immersive art installations with the aim of supporting young art communities.

In conclusion, the city is the perfect refuge for youth culture, art, design and, just like its population, it is thriving, brave, creative, challenging, always on the move, underground and contemporary.

‘You are crazy, my child. You must go to Berlin.’ -Franz von Suppé

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