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#makeablink is the viral campaign conceived by ERA KI that aims to give a positive and joyful message to all those who need it. In these hard times caused by Covid-19 we must not stop dreaming. ERA KI team has created a campaign to raise awareness on the use of masks, now essential accessories in our daily life. The mask is our protection against the virus. The visible part of our face are the eyes, source of great power: OURS.

Look at the eyes, not the mask

Close your eyes, make a wish and open them again. Tell us what you see, write your word over the mask. Technology allows us to spread information so that the Internet can be filled with masks that show our “magic words”: our wishes or dreams that will soon come true.

Many young people are participating in the #makeablink campaign, but the most incredible thing is that even health workers from Palermo participated in the campaign. Nurses and social health workers decided to close and open their eyes and together spread the word “love”, which they put into their job every day.

#makeablink is a great way to spread positive vibes during these hard times.

Some of the videos from #makeablink campaign

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