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Here we introduce you to Chinese fashion designer Yang Yuwei and you'll find out her vision of men's fashion design.

Yang Yuwei Megan comes from North-Eastern China and studied television broadcasting when she was younger, but it was only when she went to Taiwan as an exchange student that she fell in love with fashion. This brought her to Istituto Marangoni in Milan where she completed a master in Fashion Design Menswear and later became a junior fashion designer.

She has a great passion for fashion design, power and strength. Masculine and tender are the features that identify her conception of menswear – hence the claim “Masculine with Mello”. She really appreciates handmade and the art of manipulating fabrics. She considers the aesthetic of a product as equally important as its functionality.

The brand Wano Yáng was conceived only in 2020 and it is named after the founder. It’s about men’s clothing which aims at unabashedly express their inner world. The brand focuses on classic, simple and neat pieces that are enriched by striking and ingenious details and its target ranges between 26 to 67 year-old men.

The concept behind Wano Yáng is against common stereotypes about men, according to which they’re all strong, you will never see a tear drop down their eyes etc. With its products, Wano Yáng wants to show that it is not the absolute truth. As a matter of fact, the details can show the tender, low-profile side of men.

All the products are handmade using only high quality materials and fabrics; moreover, the team has sustainability close to their heart, and they discourage overproduction as well – by organizing and balancing production and sales.

Yang Yuwei decided to participate to UFA contest because she wants to spread her vision of male fashion and become a famous fashion designer.

Article by

Melissa Ambrosetti

Images Provided by

Yang Yuwei


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