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Nowadays, sustainability is one of the most important themes in our society. Our planet is suffering due to the bad habits of men who don’t respect environment. Over the years fashion has improved its behaviour towards our world and started to use sustainable materials. That is also the purpose of Tian JingJing.

Tian JingJing is a young fashion designer from China who is developing her idea of fashion around the concept of sustainability. Actually, with her collection called “LUXURY 3.0”, Tian re-uses some materials that otherwise would be wasted, for example she creates garments from recycled or organic fabrics. For instance, the re-use of citrus, which is subjected to a long processing to become a fiber to use for garments.

The designer says that: “In this collection, I try to maximise sustainable design values and at the same time, I hope to help those who wear the products to become not just consumers, but contributors to the Luxury 3.0 movement”.

So, the goals Tian desires to reach are both spread her message of her sustainability collection and also try to be as original as possible.

Actually, she wants that her garments are recognisable: to give them their own “personality”.

Another important aspect in Tian’s work, is the concept of quality. Actually the brand is strongly focused in what women want to express: something that is not limited to the present time but that can last forever. A brand that desires to be wore by strong and independent women who know who they are and who know what they want from their lives.

The result, between the combination of the original usage of waste materials and the footprint that the designer wants to give to the garments, is daring and environmentally friendly.

Tian participates to UFA contest because she wants to let people to know her brand and her collection and because she would like to have support in her career as she has just graduated at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. In addition, the designer would like to share her idea of sustainability linked to the world of fashion.

Article by

Sara Orlandini

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