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This is an era in which we can easily see the huge damage we’re inflicting to the nature around us. Fashion is one of the main causes of pollution and waste which threaten our planet and Freyzein is doing everything in his power to fight for it.

Jan Anders Karlsson is a Swedish entrepreneur based in Graz – Austria – is the founder of the brand Freyzein as well as the company: MAKAVA delighted ice tea – which he founded after having attended a master in Industrial management at the University of applied science in Graz.

He has travelled the world and is a real sportsman – he loves snowboarding, rock climbing, bouldering, surfing, workout… – and this passion led him to found the outerwear brand Freyzein in 2018.

Freyzein is a brand producing outerwear apparel which are mainly designed for excursions and for wandering in the nature, in places such as the mountains and that’s why one of their main features is to be water-repellent and highly breathable. They’re entirely made from natural materials.

“We value nature more than anything.” This is the motto of this radically natural brand. They follow a cradle-to-cradle philosophy and use biodegradable and/or recyclable materials, encouraging a circular design process over a linear one, so that the product’s life never ends, being 100% biodegradable and/or recyclable, also thanks to the so called Bi-Circular textiles which can be reused, recycled or which decompose.

We combine outstanding Design with functionality with our circular design processes inspired by the Cradle-to-Cradle Philosophy

The company inspires socio-ecological change with natural outdoor clothing and they describe their apparel as resilient, timeless and functional. Another advantage of this brand is that the products are completely made in Europe and the process has a minimized waste because the goal of a circular system is precisely to eliminate waste and pollution in order to help regenerate the environment we live in, because we all are part of nature, we belong to each other and must not threaten it. This is also possible because they aim at avoiding overproduction by starting producing the wished product only after the order has been completed.

Freyzein vision openly rejects the idea of fast fashion, as being the opposite of what they look for with their work – fast fashion has a clear linear economy approach and widely affects our planet by using plastic and synthetic fabrics.

Karlsson’s team decided to participate to UFA contest because they want to connect to professional people and to convey their ethical and sustainable message.

Article by

Melissa Ambrosetti

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