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The most important thing in life is remembering our roots & where we come from. Our origin is among the other concepts that give us our uniqueness & authenticity. This concept is what Salmi Shilongo wants to represent with her collection and her garments.

Salmi Shilongo is a fashion designer from Namibia, Africa. Fashion has always been a huge part of her life and this passion born when she was a little girl and started to collect fabrics and design garments. Growing up, this passion increased even stronger, and everyone, from Salmi's family and her friends, supported her and her talent. Over the years, the young fashion designer took part to various fashion shows where she had the opportunity to make new experiences and learn new stuff. In 2010 the designer took part at “HIMBA IN THE MIX” fashion show and in 2013 she became the head designer of the event.

Combining her passion for fashion and her creativity, Salmi created her brand called “SalShi”. Designer’s label creates garments for men and women and it wants to be original and unique.

Salmi, once described her brand, saying: “SalShi is an instant polished and sleek clothing brand with highly wearable pieces. It’s just one of those collections you can never miss”.

One of the main goals of Salmi and her label, is to represent her Country worldwide: she wants people to know about her Namibia. Actually her origin plays an important part in the idea of the brand, but also creativity and in a way, bravery, too, to express her own ideas and style.

The secret of the brand “SalShi” is the mix between simplicity and a touch of elegance that make the garments fit perfectly on every women or men.

Salmi decided to partecipe to UFA contest to present her brand all over the world and also, through her creations, let people to know more about her Namibian origins.

Article by

Sara Orlandini

Images Provided by

Salmi Shilongo


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