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Life is constantly changing, it is like a rollercoaster: sometimes you go through beautiful and positive moments and sometimes you have to face something that is more complicated. It is on the base of this thought of “progress” and developing that the fashion designer Mikage Shin created her new collection called “The Process”.

Mikage Shin was born in Tokyo in 1991, she has always had a strong passion for fashion design and the “turning point” of her life happened when she started to study at Parsons School of Design in New York, which is one of the most famous school of fashion design in the whole world. Since then, Mikage started to develop her idea of fashion and her creations were presented in different Fashion Weeks in New York. Her personal brand, called MIKAGE SHIN, was born in New York in 2019. In her various collections Mikage always tries to transmit positive messages such as the fight against any kind of discrimination or minorities, promoting the respect towards diversity.

Her latest creation has to do with what we are living right now. At this time the world is struggling against the Coronavirus pandemic which affected the lives of each of us. From the darkness that unfortunately hit the reality, a new sort of creativity came out from artists’ minds and so Mikage developed her collection. This particular period of history must be witnessed also with art and fashion. As the fashion designer says presenting her works:

“This collection expresses the chaos of the turning point and the sense of something new being born”

In addition Mikage’s collection is really original and interesting because to create her garments she took inspiration from the masters of the past such as for example the philosopher Nietzsche who talked about the process of change to reach to new productions. Mikage hopes that with a touch of bravery we can go towards change.

Mikage Shin participates to UFA contest because she wants to increase international competitiveness of her brand and also because she desires to introduce her creations globally.

Article by

Sara Orlandini

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