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Not only automation. Since 2018, the Japanese fashion brand KoH T works in order to give people something more than simply clothes to wrap their bodies in. Let’s get to know them better.

The brand was founded by Taisuke Kohji, who is now creative director. He won prizes such as JFW New Designer Fashion Grand Prix and also participated to New York digital fashion week 2021. He was born and grew up in Fukuoka, a beautiful Japanese city surrounded by nature.

KoH T is a brand that finds beauty in everything, and in every part of the cycle of a piece of clothing – from its production process to the finished product. They have a clear vision of fashion that embraces tradition and yet contributes in giving something new every time, with the aim of creating timeless wardrobe essentials that also care about the personality and the way of life of the people who wear them.

For the team, there’s much more than just automation. Creating clothes is a huge value that also derives from tradition and its techniques, the knowledge of the past added to the value and knowledge of the present. As a matter of fact, KoH T draws inspiration from an ancient Japanese maestro in the art of ceramics: Hon'ami Koetsu.

The brand designed craft-like pieces using black Japanese paper for familiar utilitarian designs and extended this color to most of the pieces of its urban luxury stamp collection. Apart from the deep black undertones, the peculiarities of this collection are the use of layered fabrics as well as the functionality of the pieces also conveyed by the precious craftsmanship.

KoH T decided to participate to UFA contest because they hope to expand in the whole world of fashion from East to West also in order to spread their vision and in hope that, in this way, their approach – which also looks at sustainability – will establish itself in the near future. Moreover, craftsmanship is very dear to Taisuke and he hopes to get to know techniques and traditions and to draw inspiration from craftspeople from all over the world and not only from his home country.

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Melissa Ambrosetti

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