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“Radios of neighbourhood” are small realities born to give voice to neighbourhoods which are the beating heart of every city. Citizens, young people, adults, grandparents… everyone can tell his or her stories, everyone can discuss different themes and everyone can listen to these countless voices that show the hidden side of big cities such as Milan or Rome.

Actually radios of neighbourhood are in many regions of Italy. Many projects like these were born because the citizens had the need to gather all together sharing a breakfast or a lunch while discussing one another the issues dear to the neighbourhood.

RADIO NOLO for example was born in Milan in 2018 and the embryo of the radio, that became one of the most popular broadcaster regarding the radios of neighborhood, was born from a Social Street project.

The inhabitants of Loreto North district (the name of the radio derived from the combination of the first letters of these two words), met in a Facebook group and there they decided to tell stories about the place they lived in. This kind of radio besides being a mean of communication is also a funny hobby because everyone can be part of the “family”. Radio NOLO involves people living in the neighbourhood in its programs and activities. In addition, this radio is also an experiment of “media education”: it goes beyond language barriers, age of citizens and their social background.

RADIO QUARTIERE is another experiment that was born during the pandemic of Coronavirus. A group of friends who live in Milan didn’t want to give up to the company of friends and of the loved ones, so they created a radio. This broadcaster was like a meeting place where young people exchanged their stories, experiences of life, suggestions of books and where music was on all the time. This project was beautiful and gave such a positive message to the listeners because it accompanied many dark days of these boys and girls. Radio Quartiere interrupted its broadcasting on the 12th of May when it has been possible to meet and hug each other’s again.

SHARERADIO is a metropolitan web radio born in Milan, precisely in the West Milan in the suburb of Baggio, in 2009. Its main intent was to tell the stories of a “different Milan”, the life in outskirts of one of the biggest cities in Italy. Shareradio wants to promote the social cohesion, giving positive messages and joining different activities in its programs. Citizen journalism, storytelling and media education are some of the tasks covered in the radio.

RADIO C.A.P. was born in Bologna and this radio also has the purpose of involving people who live in the neighbourhood. The aim of Radio C.A.P. is to give voice to different realities such as young people or adults who want to discuss themes. They bring to the listeners different stories or anecdotes which reconstruct the identity of a place, in this case a neighbourhood in Bologna. The programs are really different between them. The main protagonists are music, cinema, books and literature, all of them narrated by common people who express their opinions.

RADIO FRAGOLA is a project created many years ago and that continues to exist. This radio of neighborhood was born in Trieste in 1984 and it defines itself as the expression of women and men who live in the city. Students or workers, associations or organizations can participate to the programs of Radio Fragola that want to depict in a truthful way the life of people or their stories in a city like Trieste which is an encounter of different cultures and generations.

The goal that all these radios have in common is that they give importance to everyone, they try to build a solid community that discuss themes that can affect everybody. The most beautiful characteristics of these broadcasters is that they want to create a communication network in a world that is losing the pleasure of the small things.

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