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The main concept at MODOM is “to build quicker and easier”, using materials that respect the environment but also taking care about design and shape. This project was born by an idea of Andrea Marinucci, Claudio Testa and Michele Prioretti. They would like to spread the vision of MODOM all over the world.


Who are you? Your project team, company?

MODOM develops innovative technologies and technics in order to build quicker and easier. Furthermore, MODOM provides advice on green architecture and design matters. The company is focused on property development and redevelopment of abandoned areas. MODOM was established by:

  • Andrea Marinucci, architect, CEO and art director. He takes care of any public relation of the company, mainly with the customers, for whom he designs the look of the buildings;

  • Claudio Testa, architect, head of R&D. He develops every detail of the product and look for the best solution to solve any technical problem regarding the production or the installation of the building parts;

  • Michele Prioretti, project manager, financial director. He deals with the accounting and legal matters, manages the financial resources of the company and the budgeting.

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How did you start thinking of becoming an entrepreneur?

Andrea was the one with the idea of a modular building system, so he decided to attend an incubation course for startups. There, he found Michele and, together, they agreed to start a new company to develop the building system and change the whole construction process. So, they involved Claudio in the project, that is a former colleague of Andrea at the architecture university. Claudio shared the vision of Andrea and Michele, so they established the startup MODOM in 2014. The opportunity to simplify the construction process and the wish to improve the quality of life for people who live into a MODOM’s building gave the push to become entrepreneurs.

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“Challenging is the right answer. Every project is a different challenge per sé”

What is your entrepreneurial idea and what is your company doing?

MODOM develops innovative building systems or technics, that are used to realise the structure of the buildings. In particular, the team has patented a new building system, that combines “dry” building system and modularity. The former implies the use of mechanical fastening systems, like screws and bolt, instead of glue or mortar to secure the building parts, so that the installation is rapid. The latter implies the design of standard elements through the BIM software and the industrialisation of the production, in order to reduce the average costs. Furthermore, the production in-house assures a great precision and allows to control the quality of the product. These activities would be impossible to carry out on the building site: the quality of the building would depend on the capability of the carpenters mainly.

Clearly, the team uses this technology when designs a property development or a new building. The team designs the concept and selects the building materials, then the production of modular panels and the on-site installation is outsourced to accredited partners with international experience. However this is not all: any project is designed with a life-cycle approach, taking into account all the relevant impacts on the environment, the economy and the society. Sustainability is an axiom, to prevent future crises and to preserve environment and its natural resources. Furthermore, the focus on new property developments or the redevelopment of abandoned areas permits to set up the basis for a new residential model, where people are at the centre: a major contact with nature, a lower density of the buildings and an increase in connections among the people.

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In what stage of development of your company are you in and what do you think is your competitive advantage and why?

MODOM is already on the market and the team is developing the first projects that are planned to be delivered within the year, once the building permits are released. The MODOM’s quality, price ratio is the best on the market, as it combines the great performances of nZEB – nearly Zero Energy Buildings – with the efficiency of an industrialised production process. The on-site installation is also quicker and easier than other building systems already on the market.

It does not mean that MODOM’s buildings are cheap, just it is the best way to invest your money, since the product is designed to be efficient, eco-friendly and durable.

“…people are rediscovering the love for the nature…”

Tell a little bit more about your ambitions and your team.

Our ambitions are well summarised by the payoff of the MODOM’s logo:

  • Lifestyle: more sustainable, the free movement of people and the cultural exchange are the starting points of our future world;

  • Space: architecture should be simple and essential, just like a child, and shall focus on buildings with creativity, attention to every detail and a little bit of Italian taste;

  • Revolution: to promote the use of “dry” technologies and the in-house production of the building parts, in order to benefit speed, quality and durability of the construction. We aim to design the residential model of the future and shift the focus from the property of the building to the use of it. You will be free to live everywhere there is a room for you in any country of the planet, with just a monthly rent. Finally, there is a curiosity about our team: we are taking notes of Claudio’s witty jokes, to publish a book someday, once we feel satisfied, even though we are already aware of the commercial failure it represents.

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How is the overall situation affecting your company’s prospects?

Challenging is the right answer. Every project is a different challenge per sé, but the pandemic and the former economic stagnation makes the prospects darker. Nevertheless, we receive new information requests for our products every day and from every continent, so the interest is high and our prospects are positive. We look forward to start the construction of the first property development in the next year, then it will be much easier to demonstrate the validity of our vision.

What do you think about the COVID emergency and its social impact?

Paradoxically, we have witnessed the pandemic had a positive impact for our company, since the lockdown has forced people to stay home and realise the inadequacy of their homes. Now, that the emergency seems manageable, people are rediscovering the love for the nature and related activities, like biking, hiking, camping and so on. Many young people are investing in agriculture, starting business like farmers or viticulturist.

This new consciousness affects also the construction market, since the customers are more sensitive to the green architecture, the impact of the building on the ground and the reduction of energy consumption.


What is the impact that you and your enterprise want to have?

We want to spread the MODOM vision all over the world and let the company become an international corporation. The introduction of modularity in the production process is the key to generate positive externalities and the life-cycle approach in the green architecture assures the sustainability of the business model. We aim to build 1.000 houses per year, all over the world.

Then, the technological advancement will permit us to introduce new materials and more efficient machines into our homes to further reduce the human impact on the environment. We just aim to preserve this beautiful planet and humankind from the extinction.

What is your inspiration and why?

There isn't a creativity process or a formula to get inspired, every project inspires us differently: our vision guides us throughout the designing phase, but we used to live the moment and see what kind of emotions inspire us and the customers and their needs. Anyway, there is a constant: the golden section. It is essential to set the proportion in our drawings.


What would you recommend to a young-lady entrepreneur in your Region to succeed?

To pay particular attention to her intuitions and overcome her worries. So, we recommend her to be more independent, to count mainly on herself and her insights. This is the way to become unstoppable and lead the way for others. It is natural to make mistakes, but what really matters is to learn from them, to be aware of what is happening and set the most appropriate course.

“Sustainability is an axiom, to prevent future crises and to preserve environment and its natural resources”

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Interview & Article by

Riccardo Aimerito

Images provided by: MODOM


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