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Italian fashion designers Lucia Borini and Anna Lardì aim at including everyone with their creations as well as increasing the positive vibes around us.

Lucia Borini and Anna Lardì are two young Italian fashion designers – the former from the center-north and the latter from the south of the country. Their paths met in Milan, where they attended university – they graduated in Fashion Design Womenswear & Accessories at Istituto Marangoni.

They have two different personalities – Anna is impulsive and kind of irrational, while Lucia is the rational soul of the team. That’s why they feel they perfectly match with each other.

As you can see in their DENI.ME collection as well, they’re really keen on oversize looks and on a neutral style suitable for everyone. Their goal is to make every wearer comfortable with the clothes they have on, because if you feel good in what you wear you will have positive energy around you.

Anna and Lucia want to “balance what we have inside of our body and what we want to show others”.

As the end of university years approached, they knew they didn’t want to lose their friendship and everything they had done in those years. Therefore, they decided to found their brand SENTI in 2019.

The brand is characterized by unique and original aesthetics tending towards street and urban style with a touch of classic as well, and aims at providing total inclusivity for every kind of person, regardless of sex, age, or personality. The pieces of their collection are very versatile and easy to wear, they’re suitable for every occasion and just everyone can enjoy them.

Lucia and Anna also work in order to help the planet by opting for a low-zero impact production process and by encouraging slow fashion over the nowadays widespread fast fashion. SENTI aims to combine sustainability with luxury fashion, so that everyone can see that the two can go hand in hand, with the plus of helping the nature around us. This makes SENTI a very innovative brand, even if slow fashion means slower times in terms of production, the result is conscious: it’s about high quality clothes that last more in time and have a strong ethical value. In addition, the brand aims at tracking the whole production process of every single garment by applying Tockens to them through the Blockchain system.

They decided to participate to UFA contest because they believe in inclusivity of fashion and the strength of making everybody feel comfortable with themselves and they think this contest can be the opportunity to find the right path.

Article by

Melissa Ambrosetti

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