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Almost Gods is an Indian luxury streetwear brand created in 2018, from an idea by Dhruv Khurana, a young fashion designer. The brand presents different collections through which the designer expresses his emotions and queries unfiltered. Behind every garment they craft stems a deeper topic that the designer wants to explore.

In Khurana’s collection “FRUIT SHOP AT THE END OF THE WORLD”, the creative puts in fashion his questions about the contrast that exists between being humans, in our fully perceptions, and being people often driven by religion and nowadays, by technology which is even more ‘intrusive.’ The purpose of this collection was to explore the reality we live in, alongside the complications and complexities it carries. The concept itself is tricky because it brings us to think about what surrounds us, this aspect can be identified with the multicoloured palette this collection utilizes.

Another twist that fascinates Khurana, is the relation between past, present and future. The designer sees time as something that can render art eternal and that can allow his creations to connect the different periods of time.

Constantly looking to answers his questions, Khurana launched a new collection which titled ‘PALAEOLITHIC EMOTIONS, MEDIEVAL INSTITUTIONS, GODLIKE TECHNOLOGY.’ This fascinating and unique name comes from a quote by the American biologist, Edward O. Wilson, “The real problem of humanity is the following: We have palaeolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology.”

This phrase captured the designer’s attention because it exactly explains the core ideas that “Almost Gods” believes in. Modern life and its aspects turn around these three principles: Palaeolithic emotions, Medieval institutions and Godlike technology. Live fiercely, act in what you think is the right way and at the same time, stay always connected.

In addition, also nature plays an important role in the creative process of the designer. In particular, the strength of nature —like an erupting volcano, when it explodes and overwhelms everything. This figure really inspires Khurana’s work. Moreover, ‘Almost Gods’ puts great attention in the choice of the materials to use for its garments. They believe that every fabric has a story to tell and once in a garment form, it becomes an origin point for a new story.

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